About Us

Our CEO Scott Weis established SNOOP in 2010.

Scott’s background in OEM leadership roles followed by successful experience in automotive retail, provided him with the opportunity to work closely with, manage and coach high performing automotive sales teams.

He found that even with a supportive culture, great training and strong processes, sales teams were compromised by having to work across multiple, disconnected manual IT systems to find, present, price, quote and deal calc a car.

This often resulted in sales staff frustration, leaving their customers unattended for extended periods of time, not being able to answer important questions, huge amounts of administration for sales staff/stock controllers/sales managers, incorrect advice provided to customers, missed opportunities, costly mistakes, lost sales, and a compromised customer experience with loss of trust.

SNOOP was developed using this intimate knowledge of day-to-day dealership processes, identifying a critical trading need for the business to deliver efficiencies, drive business growth, and importantly deliver customer satisfaction at the dealership.

SNOOP was initially implemented in the Trivett Classic BMW business and was a strong contributor to their improved performance. The SNOOP system supported the business to become the most profitable and awarded BMW dealership in Australia, delivering a 21% increase in sales volume, 5.5% increase Gross Profit & ROS and awarded for Dealer of the Year 2010 & 2012.

Following this success, other dealership’s approached Scott and now more than one thousand dealer sales staff subscribe to the SNOOP service.

With a vision to build upon SNOOP’s foundation of rich data and work even more closely with OEM’s, Dealerships & Finance Companies, Matthew Duncan joined SNOOP in 2016. The goal, to further refine the SNOOP model, invest comprehensively in research and development, technology and make the platform accessible to the broader automotive industry.

A collaborative working approach between OEM, dealerships and finance has seen the functionality and the benefits that SNOOP provides grow exponentially every year.

This development continues at an even faster pace and SNOOP now provides rich-data services in association with a number of automotive brands across 6 countries.



CEO & Director

Scott has a enjoyed several automotive OEM management roles across professional development/training, sales, and marketing. His journey to develop SNOOP saw him then spend time in automotive retail, leading what became the top performing BMW sales team in Australia and then as a General Manager on Inchcape Australia’s Retail Executive.

Scott’s background also includes software development, numerous training qualifications, a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and Lean Six Sigma at University of Technology Sydney.

Scott’s philosophy on SNOOP: -

“The best part of automotive is the people – the staff and customers. As one of the most traditional industries on the planet, there is endless opportunity to innovate through technology to make it so much easier and provide more opportunity for staff and customers to spend their time on the activities that are most enjoyable and rewarding”.



Matthew has established his reputation over the last 20 years as a highly skilled and respected CEO, Founding Director and Business Development Advisor for number of lucrative business. As the CEO of the Trivett Automotive Group from 2007 to 2013 Matthew strategically led the company to success with 17 franchisees across 23 dealerships in Sydney and Melbourne, 650 plus employees and a yearly $550,000,000 plus turnover.

Matthew’s innovation and futuristic insight into business strategy and emerging market opportunities led Matthew to co-found new businesses like CarsGuide.com.au.

Matthew is currently the CEO of JWT Bespoke, an investment and business advisory office. He uses the proven learnings from his successful career as a CEO and Founding Director to provide the right advice, innovation, and strategies to move others towards success in today’s changing market.


“Selling cars is not like selling Mars bars. Cars are a complex product with difficult pricing and a myriad of taxes. SNOOP does all of this better than a person can and frees the team to do their job – Selling”


Peter Mullan AP Eagers

“We decided to subscribe to SNOOP for a number of reasons and it’s a great service. Prior to having it, we lost a prospective new starter for a sales role. They told us they’d accepted a role at another dealership because they had SNOOP and we didn’t.”


Nick Hayes Col Crawford BMW

“Retail is detail. SNOOP makes this possible and it means your managers can be out on the floor, working with your team and their customers - not stuck behind their computers”


Simon Macedone, Sutton Motor Group