Helping you to provide amazing customer experiences that drive sales, reduce costs and increase gross profit.

SNOOP is a cloud-based data provider for automotive and finance companies.

Developed by a team of experts with over 50 years combined retail and OEM experience within the automotive industry.

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Connects with other key services to provide one integrated solution that instantly finds, prices, presents, finances, quotes and deal calculates cars.

Drive Sales

Drive sales for your
dealership & brand

Enhance Customer Experience

Delivering improved customer experience & satisfaction

Strengthen Team Effectiveness

Delivering improved sales team effectiveness & satisfaction

Improved Stock Control

Provide effective vehicle stock
control & management


Connect with your other key
systems & processes

All in one simple to use system!

SNOOP works directly with our OEM and finance partners to provide multiple sales and finance solutions.

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What is Snoop?

Learn how it works

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“Selling cars is not like selling Mars bars. Cars are a complex product with difficult pricing and a myriad of taxes. SNOOP does all of this better than a person can and frees the team to do their job – Selling”


Peter Mullan AP Eagers

“We decided to subscribe to SNOOP for a number of reasons and it’s a great service. Prior to having it, we lost a prospective new starter for a sales role. They told us they’d accepted a role at another dealership because they had SNOOP and we didn’t.”


Nick Hayes Col Crawford BMW

“Retail is detail. SNOOP makes this possible and it means your managers can be out on the floor, working with your team and their customers - not stuck behind their computers”


Simon Macedone, Sutton Motor Group

Who is Snoop?

Find out how it all started

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